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The shooting is a sacred and very emotional moment. It's a bit like going on stage after long weeks, sometimes even years to finally show what has been developed, thought out, created...
I plan each session at least a year in advance. I look for interesting, beautiful, surprising places...
I also like to portray different, captivating femininities and I LOVE meeting amazing sisters on the road.
When possible, I contact professionals to take the shots, but I also take a lot of photos myself, because I love it and I often have a very precise idea of what I want. One more thing I'm learning.
I love this moment of shooting at least as much as the moment when I finalize a new model ♥︎
Sauve, Medieval village, South of France 2018
First Blackbohem's Shooting ever. Haryane, Anna, Haza & Thyphaine, my tribal dancer friends honored me with their joyful and captivating presence.
Creative hair style by Stephanie Artistik Ethnies and make up by myself who didn't skimp on the glitter. 
8 hours of backstage work for Julie B-You the photographer & I... Here is the final pic when everything is finally in the box 😅
Bali 2019 with Zeena, Kajja & Lee, Pachamama sisters
These 3 chicks were so brave, posing under the Balinese sun and walking barefoot among the tropical ants of this unusual abandoned place where the jungle took over. 
They were so laughing all the time that sometimes I had to ask them not to smile. It was quite a challenge for me too because it was the first time that I photographed alone.
No hairdresser required for this one 😝
Lassalle, Cévennes France 2019
Silvia is a real wild soul. She's also a tribal dancer. We went to the river near her house, just her and I and we did great job!
Water is an element is a very present in the mountains of the Cévennes...torrents of clear and fresh water which invigorate the senses and wash the soul
Mont Lozère, Cévennes France 2019
I wanted a shoot with an autumnal atmosphere with the magnificent ocher and orange colors of the beech forest in the region where I live. BUT...It snowed the day before. snowed a lot. I was daaaaamn cold... ❄️
So here's the behind the scenes: we took everything we had available like blankets, bathrobes and other warm stuff to warm up Victoria & Neptune between shots 😆  The rest is courage, determination and hot tea !!
Hairstyle & pictures by Stephanie Artistik Ethnies.
I did make up & pictures too 🤗
BALI, Pigstone beach 2020
with Liza, Lia & Serious Crocodile-Photographer
We got up really early that day because in Bali, from 9am the heat is already strong. We transported all the things as we could by scooter to the beach.
It was the day after a storm with an ebb tide...
The black sand beach which is usually beautiful was littered with stumps, branches and a lot of rubbish too unfortunately...
Hopefully I had spotted a magnificent white calligraphy graffiti on a wall and these rocks on the edge of the beach. There was also this stunning Ravenala tree...I love this shoot ♥︎
FIRE & WATER, Cévennes France 2020
Haza is my longtime friend. She's a talented artist. She's among others  dancer,  photographer and graphic designer...
She lives for beauty and harmony.
We went up the mountain and first stopped in the shaded hollow of a torrent then we reached the top of the mountain during the golden hour. 
It was only afterwards, by viewing the photos that the name of this shoot appeared to me as obvious ::: Fire & Water 
With Kelly- Shillow sheyen & Leïla / Photographer ::: Sophie Gisclard
The Camargue is a mysterious land battered by the winds.
A space between land and sea where the elements merge  and where the taste of salt is everywhere.
It was very cold that day and Kelly and Leïla are real warriors!
The images are of rare beauty, due to the eye and experience of my big friend Sophie, professional photographer ♥︎
The next day we got up at dawn to realize a dream I had been thinking about for a long time: to photograph the crown of the Empress in the rising sun.
I made this crown with a few others for a show show on plurality and feminine symbolism.This is the Madonna series.
URBEX con la chica Mons, 2021
Mission for two that day with sister Mons. This chick, who is a creator of feather jewelry, has incredible energy and this is her first time posing and she did very well. 
We went to an industrial wasteland in a village in the Cévennes to find textures of bricks and rusty doors.
 The highlight of the show was the metal bridge ♥︎
URBEX GEISHA, Sommières 2021
Shooting in collaboration with Stephanie ArtistiK Ethnies, who did amazing braids and beautiful shots.
We had the pleasure of photographing two super talented girls Léa & Zong, respectively circus artist and tattoo artist, among others... 
I also had the precious help of Graziella with the logistics.
What a blessing to be surrounded by such sisters !
IRON OXYD, Canyon du Diable & Lac du Salagou 2022
The soil is very dark red with hints of rust because it is loaded with iron oxide.It's a fabulous setting, a bit unreal.
We carried out the shoot over 2 days in optimal conditions with a great team:
Shana, Hortense, Liza & cassidy for modelling and the great Sophie as photographer.
The mission was dense but with good organization and focus we created some great images ♥︎
And obviously we also did a whole bunch of stupid things 🤪 😆 🙄




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