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Hi there! I'm MimiSan, french freelance designer and manager of BlackBohem, my small creative business ♥︎

Through this collection I explore the Feminine Wild Soul and I strive to pour my humble little share of Beauty into this World ♥︎

My work is an ode to Femininity in all of its facets, its Curves, its Mysteries, its Shadows, its Magnificence, Power and Life Force. I design comfy and womanly clothes, that can be worn for all kind of activities,  and that are meant to fit to different styles. I create the garment and you make it vibrate in your own way ♥︎

I run my small business for 15 years and, like all fellow freelance designers, I work with passion, courage and determination. I attended a sewing school when I was 27, driven by the desire to improve myself in sewing and to move forward on my path. I got my tailoring diplomas and I created my first collection "MimiSan CollectiOn TeXtiliStiQue" in India, which I managed passionately for ten years. I loved playing with the overload of flowers and colors offered by Indian woven cotton. But despite everything, I've always liked black, which enhances other colors so well, and stretchy materials...Seeking for this kind of fabrics and quality, I went to Bali, Indonesia, and I created this new brand in 2018, which for me is a new phase of life and creation ♥︎

I chose to have my clothes made in a small but competent human scaled workshop because it allows me to stay focused on creation, to design new prints, create new models and make photoshoots, and it gives me the space I need for the less fun but essential part of management, organization, communication, sales and so much more...♥︎

I like being independent and having to wear a lot of hats, because it pushes me forward. I like to travel because it brings me an awareness of the world and a knowledge of art and human culture that nourishes me and makes me grow every day. And although I manage my work alone, I share this life adventure with my man who is also a talented designer who runs his own brand >>>TUNKSA<<<  and our daughter. A real small family business♥︎